Sheep Reaction Game

This is my latest little time waster and, weirdly, seems to involve sheep again!

In  a section of the BBC website about sleep they say: “Tiredness can affect your reaction times. See how alert you are with this game and test the impact of a cup of tea or coffee on your performance“.  Sheep Dash

Now I don’t really need any more excuses to turn on the kettle but it sounded quite fun so I had a go and I went from ‘Sluggish Snail’ to ‘Bobbing Bobcat’ after my caffeine fix! Of course, it is completely addictive and I’m now aiming for the ultimate prize ‘Turbo-charged cheetah’.  Really must get on with some work…anyone for a cuppa?!

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This post was written by Lucy on November 3, 2008

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November: What’s Good to Eat?

Food to feast on this month:


artichoke | beetroot | celeriac | celery | chicory | jerusalem artichoke | kale | kohlrabi | leeks | parsnips | potatoes (maincrop) | pumpkin | swede | turnips | wild mushrooms


apples | chestnuts | cranberries | elderberries | passion fruit | pears | quince | walnuts


duck | goose | grouse | guinea fowl | hare | partridge | pheasant | rabbit | venison | wood pigeon


brill | clams | haddock | halibut | hake | john dory | lemon sole | lobster | monkfish | mussels | oysters | plaice | scallops | sea bass | squid | turbot

For more information and recipe ideas, visit Eat The Seasons.

There are several good reasons why we should eat food that’s grown locally and is in season:

  1. it tastes nicer
  2. it’s often cheaper
  3. it’s a way of supporting your local economy
  4. it goes some way to reduce the amount of energy needed to grow and transport your food (and help reduce your carbon footprint)

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This post was written by Lucy on November 1, 2008

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