February: What’s Good to Eat?

Food to feast on this month:


brussels sprouts*, cauliflower*, celeriac | chicory*, jerusalem artichoke*, kale*, leeks*, parsnips*, potatoes (maincrop)*, rhubarb*, swede*


bananas*, blood oranges*, kiwi fruit | lemons*, oranges*, passion fruit*, pears*, pineapple*, pomegranate*


guinea fowl*, hare*, venison*


brill*, clams*, cockles*, haddock*, halibut*, hake*, john dory*, lemon sole*, mussels*, oysters*, salmon*, turbot*

For more information and recipe ideas, visit Eat The Seasons.

There are several good reasons why we should eat food that’s grown locally and is in season:

  1. it tastes nicer
  2. it’s often cheaper
  3. it’s a way of supporting your local economy
  4. it goes some way to reduce the amount of energy needed to grow and transport your food (and help reduce your carbon footprint)

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This post was written by Lucy on February 1, 2009