Rural Life Webcams a Big Hit

According to yesterday’s Telegraph, webcams giving viewers an insight into goings-on in the countryside are proving to be a surprise hit.

Lambwatch, for example, is a live 24-hour video and audio feed documenting the random goings on at a small farm on the Yorkshire / Lancashire border and is said to be inspried by its neighbouring Hencam.

lambwatch Like anything that distracts me from going through the hundreds of emails in my Inbox, it is of course strangley addictive.  Someone in Lambwatch seems to be digging something off camera – I keep watching in the vain hope I might find out what it is!  Meanwhile, on Henwatch, it sounds like a car has just arrived.  Perhaps it is the postman?  But it seems to be taking a long time – hmm -  perhaps they have a parcel that needs signing for? Gripping stuff!

Check them out for yourselves:

Other popular rural webcams: – watch nesting owls – follow the lives of lots of different animals on Andrew Coooper’s Devon farm

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This post was written by Lucy on May 8, 2009

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